The General Meeting is composed of the members of the IAMRI. The supreme authority of the IAMRI is vested in a General Meeting presided over by the Chairman.

    The General Meeting shall meet once a year. Its function is to be the advisory body to the Steering Committee on matters associated with the scientific policy and general strategy of the IAMRI.

    Between General Meetings, there may be meetings of members to discuss matters of general concern to marine-related fields. These meetings do not involve voting on IAMRI business.

    The chairmanship of the IAMRI rotates among its Steering Committee members. The Chairman serves for a term of two (2) years

    The Chairman of the IAMRI shall chair the sessions of the Steering Committee and the General Meeting.


    The Steering Committee:

    a) To prepare the agenda of the General Meeting and present it to the working program to be followed until the next General Meeting meets.

    b) To approve or amend the IAMRI's annual working programs.

    c) To report to the General Meeting concerning all its activities.

    The first Steering Committee is formed by the members who have taken the initiative to organize IAMRI at its early stage. For second Steering Committee and thereafter, seat numbers and its members shall be determined and elected by the General Meeting. 

    The Steering Committee shall meet once a year. It may be convened for extraordinary sessions by the Chairman or the Secretary-General, and shall be so convened by the Secretary-General on the written request of a simple majority of the Steering Committee members.

    The Steering Committee approves the draft agenda for the General Meeting.

    The Steering Committee may appoint sub-committees if necessary.


    President of Ocean University of China

    Vice-Chancellor of University of Southampton

    President of Pukyong National University

    President of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

    Rector of University of Bremen

    President of University of Western Brittany Brest

    President of University of Quebec at Rimouski

    Director of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

    Director of Campus do Mar

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