• The supreme authority of the IAMRI is vested in a General Meeting presided over by the Chairman.

    The General Meeting shall meet once a year. Its function is to be the advisory body to the Steering Committee on matters associated with the scientific policy and general strategy of the IAMRI. Between General Meetings, there may be meetings of members to discuss matters of general concern to marine-related fields. These meetings do not involve voting on IAMRI business.

    A permanent secretariat had set up at Ocean University of China (OUC), where the General Secretary belongs to. OUC has provide the corresponding office space, equipment and working staff. And also it covers all expenses for the daily office operation.

    The Secretariat is responsible for the daily work of IAMRI. Under the supervision of the Steering Committee and the direction of the Chairman, the function of the Secretariat is as follows:

    a) To act as a center for information on questions of international interest related to higher education and marine-related research and provides, by appropriate means, for the dissemination of this information;

    b) To facilitate the exchange of students and scientific staff, and develop means for better distribution and exchange of laboratory materials, books and other equipment;

    c) To undertake other tasks that are compatible with the aims of the IAMRI; and

    d) To prepare the draft agenda for the General Meeting; the draft is to be approved via correspondence by the Steering Committee and issued to the General Meeting, not less than one month before its meeting.

    The Secretary-General, Head of the Secretariat, is to be nominated by the host institution of the secretariat and approved by the Steering Committee with a simple majority vote. 

    The Secretary-General serves a term of two (2) years and can be renewed.

    The Secretary-General should be entitled to attend all the meetings of Steering Committee, but shall not exercise a vote. The duties of the Secretary-General is as follows:

    a) To act as Head of the Secretariat under the supervision of the Steering Committee and the direction of the Chairman;

    b) To represent the IAMRI at law and in all acts of civil life;

    c) To recruit the staff of the Secretariat and exercise managerial authority over it; and

    d) To present every year to the Steering Committee a working program and a report on the activities of the preceding year.

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