• The IAMRI aims at giving expression to the obligation of educational and research institutions to promote, through teaching and research, the principles of freedom and justice, of human dignity and solidarity, and to contribute, through international cooperation, to the development of material and moral assistance for the strengthening of higher education in general, and to the advancement of knowledge in marine sciences.

    The objectives of the IAMRI are:

    a)To promote and advance education and scientific and technological development in all aspects of marine sciences;

    b)To provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of information and organize meetings, seminars and workshops for the presentation of subjects related to marine education and research;

    c)To encourage support by governments and the private sectors for educational activities, research, and sustainable development in marine sciences.

    d)To develop partnership and collaboration within and outside the IAMRI to foster a global network in marine education and research.

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